I can’t receive email 2FA from CloudFlare


The code sent from https://dash.cloudflare.com/two-factor?type=email is never reaching my inbox. I’ve checked spam, not there, checked I can email that address from some other email, works, and I can’t login to support either. As you can see I have created an account here with it though, so clearly the issue is on CF side.

Can someone unblock me, please?

PS: Never asked to turn on the 2FA, this is the automated feature when it’s a different IP that tries to login to the account

Hi there - I’ve checked here and it looks like you may have been blocking e-mails from Cloudflare previously - our mailing system will stop sending e-mails after too many consecutive bounces here.

Make sure your e-mail account isn’t blocking [email protected] and try once more - I have removed the stop on our side, so we should attempt to deliver e-mail to you again.


Thanks, I can now get those emails!


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