I can´t pay, nobody helps me, i have sent 2 tickets

I am trying to use my VISA which i already verified with the bank that it is ok and without any blockage for Cloudflare, plus i have been paying with it with no issues in other sites.

I am also trying to use my Paypal and you just do not let me pay, i have sent 2 tickets and you just responded that my issue was marked as resolved while it is not resolved.

I want to renew a site that i already have with you and i want to buy a new domain, HELP.

This is my last ticket: 2541984

Just reply to those tickets to reopen them again. That’s a default automated response.

Thanks, a staff member will be able to help.


Thank you very much.

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I am also not able to pay, neither paypal or VISA, my card is ok, i can pay in other sites, bank said there was no blockage, i don’t know what’s the problem, please help me i am in a rush.

Correct, but please do not open more than one, it just makes for a longer response time for everyone without any actual benefit, unless you did an error while submitting and chose a wrong option. But then close the erroneous one.


I have looked into our system and it shows that we have replied and provided details to

Thank you

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