I can´t create a DNS

Greetings! I am creating a new DNS record but it won’t let me create it the way I want. The Name should be |pixel.atraeryconvertir.com|, the Type is CNAME and the Target is |pixel.hotmart.com|. I do this so that the Facebook pixel detects the events on my website for the sale of digital products at Hotmart. When I create it the Name is changed to just |pixe|. Therefore I have not been able to verify this configuration in Hotmart.

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Only displaying the hostname is normal. Every DNS entry is displayed that way in your Cloudflare dashboard.

Your CNAME is not verifying becuase you have it set to :orange: Proxied which publishes A and AAAA records of the Cloudflare proxy. Set your CNAME to :grey: DNS Only of you need it to be published as a CNAME (which you do).

I followed your instructions and now it works, thank you very much!

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