I can still see the domain in the old registrar after transfer

i transfer the domain from squarespace, today is the 6th day since the start of the transfer. but i still see the domain in squarespace. Is this a general situation?

the figure is the screenshot from the squarespace and cloudflare dashboard, they both show active of the same domain that is in the transfer.



Domain transfers usually take 5-7 days, except when expedited.

After a successful transfer, it may take a while for the losing registrar to purge the domain from their dashboard. But as long as the transfer has been completed, the losing registrar has no control over the domain any longer, and the continued presence of the already-transferred domain in their dashboard cannot have any impact on the domain.

So if your domain has already fully transferred to Cloudflare, I wouldn’t bother with whatever happens in Squarespace at all.

(You may do a whois lookup to confirm the current REGISTRAR and STATUS of the domain: https://rdap.cloudflare.com/)


thank you very much! :+1:

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