I can send email, but can not receive email in my server

Hi there my friends.

I’m run my website in a portuguese server and i can send email’s but i can’t receive. The helpdesk from my server tell that all Cloudflare configuration its ok but something dont work.

Anyone can help me please?
Thanks in advance
Paulo Silva

Your Cloudflare configuration isn’t ok, I’m afraid.

Your smtp, mail and ftp subdomains are routed through Cloudflare, and Cloudflare doesn’t handle those protocols.

Create a new A record for those subdomains, point them to and keep the cloud grey.
(remove the CNAMEs offcourse)

Oh and your MX records are wrong.
for the name you must use @ (or the bare domain) and in the value use the a1/n1.spambusters.email address.

Hi Zydronium,

Thanks for your help. Thanks a lot. I change the configuration like you said and its working now.

best regards
Paulo Silva

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