I can see in browser "Edge Certificate"

Hello, guys!

I have problems with SSL certificate …

When I started with Cloudflare (a few days ago) I noticed that my AutoSSL in cPanel is not working.
Okay, my hosting support tells me that they will disable AutoSSL in cPanel and that I have to create SSL certificate on Clouflare and add it in cPanel.
And I did … Expiration date of this certificate (Origin servier) is in 2037.
But after instalation when I check in Mozzila validity of certificate I can see date from certificate which I can see in Cloudflare under Edge Certificates.

Why? Why is my page not secured with SSL which I added on my origin server and have validity till 2037?

My Overview settings are on Full (strict) and Always Use HTTPS (enabled).

Please, help me!


Because your browser will get the proxy certificate and that usually has an expiration date within the next couple of months.

The certificate you configured on your server (and you chose well here, because you actually properly secured your site) will only be handled by the proxies. You can easily verify that by temporarily pausing Cloudflare, in which case you will connect directly to the server. Though be aware that you will get a certificate warning, as your browser won’t trust Origin certificates.

In short, if you are on Full Strict and your site loads fine, then you have a proper and secure setup.

Thank you, Sandro!

Yes, at this momment my site looks okay …
So, I will leave everything as it is?

One more thing …

When I look at analytics about Traffic Served Over TLS I can see about 2% of “None (not secure)” - unencrypted ‘HTTPS’ requests. Is this normal and fine?

That’s all right and that’s what Always use HTTPS will cover.

Okay, nice … So everything is okay! :slight_smile:

I did test as you said …

I paused Cloudflare >>> Check the site >>> Get the Unsecure warning!

BUT … I enabled the Cloudflare back … and my site is still market as unsecure! Why? :slight_smile:

Okay, everything fine - my HTTPS link is back! :slight_smile:

Thank you for this really fast support!