I can only connect using but can't using Option

I can only connect warp app in win10 PC using Option,
but when I using Option, it’s always in connecting status and never succeed.
How can I supposed to fix it, any idea will be appreciated!

  • For starters, are you on the latest version of the application?
  • Do settings under the app seem okay?
  • Do you have any firewall configuration that could prevent Warp from working?

I do have same issue.

Here is some log:

2024-06-07T23:42:14.768Z+08:00 | INFO | -->(b103) GET https://api.cloudflareclient.com/v0a4005/client_config

2024-06-07T23:42:14.819Z+08:00 | INFO | RxBillingClient: response code = 2

2024-06-07T23:42:14.820Z+08:00 | INFO | retryDisconnectedBillingService(): error - com.cloudflare.app.domain.warp.subscription.RxBillingClient$ProductDetailsException: Could not retrieve Product details (billing response: 2)

2024-06-07T23:42:14.998Z+08:00 | INFO | <–(b103) 200 OK https://api.cloudflareclient.com/v0a4005/client_config (230ms, unknown-length body)

2024-06-07T23:42:14.999Z+08:00 | ERROR | class com.cloudflare.app.data.apierrorhandler.ApiException: null

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