I can not to go my account

Hello ! I need to change DNS, but my base account d’t pass me. What can I do?

Did you try this?


Yes, of course I changed passw, but all the same can not log in with new pasw

Please, help me

What’s the error message? User/Password incorrect?
Is your Community account different from your dashboard user?

You could try:
Incognito mode or clear your browser cache and files as well as the Cloudflare cookies.

If it still doesn’t work after a password reset i’d suggest to open a support ticket via mail Support(#at#)Cloudflare.com from the email address associated with your account.

Reset code came one time, I changed the password and still can’t log in neither with the new nor with the old password

sorry nerves I can’t find how to write to support?

Email address/password do not match. But new reset not come to my email

Habe you seen this? :wink:

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