I can not see my site

i added my site 24 hrs ago on Cloudflare and i pointed the dns.
now i can not open my site in the browser i attached a screen shoot of the massage appear to me

I can’t see any images on this post - could you post it again?


Does your website have a valid certificate?

Set the record to DNS Only/grey cloud and see if it loads then.

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you mean i go to the DNS and i change all the Proxied status to DNS Only ?

Set the @ record to DNS Only - make sure it works then, over https://, before setting the record back to proxied.

If it doesn’t load when it’s DNS Only since there’s no certificate, you need to setup Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs first.

I Changed The Type A To Be DNS Only with Grey Cloud and now i can see my site under HTTPS
so what i have to do now ?

It looks like your domain has DNSSEC errors - crypto-article.com | DNSViz

; EDNS: version: 0, flags:; udp: 1232
; EDE: 9 (DNSKEY Missing): (no SEP matching the DS found for crypto-article.com.)

;; broken trust chain resolving 'crypto-article.com/A/IN':
;; resolution failed: broken trust chain

Have you enabled DNSSEC in Cloudflare’s dashboard? Since it’s enabled on your registrar.

no i did not enabled it . shall i change to proxied and the enable the Dnssec?

Give it a try - DNSSEC is enabled at your registrar but not in Cloudflare so Cloudflare hasn’t got any DNSKEYs for your domain.

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i enabled DNSSEC from one hour ago but still the site is not visible

Sorry to be clear, you have old / bad DNSSEC information at your registrar. You need to have them remove that and its removal needs to propagate 9which could take up to 48 hours). If you then want to enable Cloudflare’s DNSSEC values at your registrar you can, but the problem is bad DNSSEC at the registrar from your old DNS provider prevents resolvers from resolving invalidly / un signed records.

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Their is an option to Ad Custom DS Record in my old registrar what info do i need to copy from DNSSEC Cloudflare to past it on my registar

I succeed connect the DNSSEC but still the site is not accessible do i need to wait 48 hrs ? or do i need to do something else as a set up ?

Looks fine now - crypto-article.com | DNSViz


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But The Site is still not accessible?

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