I can not receive emails on my mail server

I can not receive emails on my mail server.
I can access it and send emails, but I do not receive it.

I set up a webmail name A pointing to the IP of my domain with the gray cloud, and an MX pointing to the mail server.

Error: error dialing remote address: dial top

Can someone help me?

Follow this guide and do exactly the same he did, thats the right way to setup a mail/MX records


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The error persists.

The images on that page are a bit small :nerd_face: Here’s a very basic example of a working setup.

Yours is like this?

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I was able to solve it, thank you very much.
My mistake was that I was putting the name “mail” in the MX record.


Good to hear! :sunglasses:

I’m doing some tests. I get some emails and some do not. I think it’s some kind of protection with spans.

Do you know how to help me? Or how do you unlock this email protection?

Keeping the A record “mail” grey-clouded means the traffic is bypassing Cloudflare’s proxy, so Cloudflare is only handling DNS for that record and all traffic should be passing through normally. It’s an “everything or nothing” type of setup. If you are receiving some email but not all, the issue may lie with your server or client setup.

I understood, but at least now it’s working =D
Thanks a lot for the help.

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I have been having a lot of trouble receiving emails too. What I have is a website and an email server with different IPs. In Cloudflare I set the MX Name to the website server domain (eg website.com) and the Value to the email server domain (eg emailserver.com). This tells email servers where emails for the domain should go. My server will not receive emails using the hostname so … Maybe this is an issue with my setup but I don’t think so.

The DNS for my email server is not on CF and a standard setup. This is where the A records resides for the domain or subdomains of the mail server. This is the part in the article that I find that needs to be a little clearer because it seems like it’s under the website domain.

Tools for testing: