I can not reach my domain on the panel

I can not reach my domain. 6 months ago I started using Cloudflare and added my web site here. But now I couldn’t find my domain when I logged in.

My web site is working good. But I wanted to add a subdomain, that’s why I came to Cloudflare now.


(I tried to adding my web site again 2 days ago. But if I do it, the settings are not same.)

It’s possible you have a different account here. You can try the “forgot my email address” at the dash.cloudflare.com login.

Currently, that domain is using the Gail and Memphis name servers. A single account usually uses the same name server pair for all domains in the account, so you can check your current account’s domain(s) to see if those are the ones listed at the bottom of your DNS screen.

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