I can not reach all Cloudflare's Hosted websites from Turkey



I am using Superonline ADSL and I can not open any websites using cloudflare.

modem reseted, cookies cleared, system Restored, Superonline costumer care called.

is there any restriction for Superonline ip adresses.My current ip is

Examples could not reach the website: www.r10.net

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I can open Clodflare main website.




most of the websites there are opening,http://chaturbate.com/ does not open.




Hello, yes your websites does not open and this problem started today.Some cloudflare websites opening, some is not.I dont use Cloudflare DNS but I have a Turkish website and using Cloudflare, when i check visitor statistics , I see visitors from many parts of Turkey.Cloudflare DNS and CDN are two different services and only been to court sites blocked on DNS services.The current problem does not apply to all of Turkey.I request the authorities to examine.



Example ip adresses, we can not open any webpage on this ip : -



Hello, this is general problem and I have a topic at r10


is it possible reply from Cloudflare? What happened?



Hi @Tutr, this is a community of people that use Cloudflare, to reach Cloudflare Support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. I’d also reach out to your hosting provider to assist with the investigation, possibly they have an edge firewall device that is rate-limiting/blocking our IPs. There is no system outage and I don’t see a lot of tickets about this issue, one other superonline customer but that was a block, resolved a dozen hours ago.

If you have/have ready to get a rayid and trace from an affected machine, that is most likely what the team will ask for to troubleshoot.



Seems to be a wider issue within their network @cloonan. Mainly Turkcell customers, even though CloudFlare IPs are reachable via Turkcell‘s looking glass. (Superonline)

My site cannot be reached from Turkey

And only some products like fiber and mobile according to the reports

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@Tutr , also keep in mind that Turkey has a history of banning adult websites. If that may be a cause, the length of time will be up to the current regime.



Hello, problem solved but Superonline don’t know anything about this problem.Also my hosting is not adult website and no restrictions on my server for Cloudflare.This is international problem and not just for my website.Everything seems good now.

My tracert yesterday :



The Turkish Government creates fake dns servers to prevent access to information it does not want it’s citizens to have. See here for instance https://dyn.com/blog/turkish-internet-censorship/
The Turkish State has been found in violation of Article 10 (Right to freedom of expression) by the ECtHR for interference with internet accessibility. See here: http://hudoc.echr.coe.int/eng?i=001-115705 Unfortunately that is of little comfort to Turkish citizens because the AKP Government has abolished the Rule of Law in Turkey.
It might be, I really am not technically knowledgeable enough to say, that the Turkish authorities have recently updated technical measures in response to Cloudflare’s dns over https. In any case, my advice would be to be very, very careful about accessing the Internet at all from inside Turkey. No matter how innocent and non-political your internet conduct, you cannot tell how it might be interpreted or who is watching.


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