I can not login when I activate Cloudflare

I can not login when I activate Cloudflare.
I’ve been constantly logged out when using via Cloudflare ( Xenforo )

Any cause?

I don’t know the software but it might be caused by some feature. There are, or were similar issues with Nextcloud. The team recommends to not make use of Auto Minify on other features that touch java scripts.

Not sure if this is the problem with your Xenforo Software.

Can you give us more detail about the error?

Yes, But When I paused Cloudflare, it worked normally.
This issue has just happened today.

Do you have such features enabled for your domain? Auto Minify is located under the “Speed” tab.

Which error occurs exactly when the record is set to :orange: and CF isn’t paused and you try to login?

Do you have a page rule thats exclude the admin folder from caching?

No, i not use page rule.

@MarkMeyer’s comment regarding javascript makes me wonder if Rocket Loader may be the issue.

How about going to Cloudflare’s Speed settings and turning off Rocket Loader?

Possible. I tried it yesterday with my Nextcloud instance and after enabling RL I wasn’t able to login to the desktop version. Felt like the login button was disabled.

How ever: I opened the development tools in Chrome and the page was shrieked to mobile view and it worked.

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