I can NOT login to my cpanel https://site.com:2083 , but CAN login to https://cpanel.site.com/

I can NOT login to my cpanel https://orthodonticbracescare.com:2083/ , gives 522 error

but, I CAN login to https://cpanel.orthodonticbracescare.com/

Is it a problem?

Which url structure is better for cpanel.

I am using cloudflare for a year, Previously used 2083.

Suddenly it’s changed to cpanel.site url .

Maybe due to integrating my site with Ezoic.

If it’s a problem or not secure, how to go back to my 2083?

I like the change away from Port 2083. It’s still secured with HTTPS, and avoids a port that may be blocked on some networks.

Thank you so much.

So, I shouldn’t be worried if Port 2083 doesn’t work, right?

I don’t understand it, “avoids a port that may be blocked on some networks.”

No, no worry. I’d be relieved to get away from adding a port to an HTTPS request.

Some public WiFi networks only allow connections to standard HTTP (Port 80) and HTTPS (Port 443) connections, making it quite difficult to access cPanel on Port 2083 on their network.

Thank you so much. The last 24 hours were the worst because of this confusion.

My local hosting provider (I shouldn’t use them) made me more confused.

Finally, someone has helped me. Thanks a lot again.

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