I can not get the Authentication Token to mail associated with this account

I can not get the Authentication Token to mail associated with this account.
my mail: **********@mail.ru. (https://mail.ru - does not receive any authentication token )
how do I sign in to my account?
Thank you!

The same.

Same here …,my mail: **********@hainei.org

The same for me, I have created other Cloudflare account to get acces to this community. My mail is from mail.ru and I believe, just emails from no-reply - Cloudflare.com are blocked, because I recipe all others email.

I switched my Name servers over from Homestead to Cloudflare and had the same problem - no email - when I switched them back temporarily I received the token in the email. Now I’m being told I have to change a whole list of DNS servers to continue getting email with the new Name servers. Anyway - hope the Name server change works for you.

Hello - from watch Cloudflare email you have received the token? is from no-reply? or is other email.

The email came through to my website email address once I changed the names servers back to Homestead - if I change the Name servers back to Cloudflare - no email. I’m being told it has something to do with
Please help I cannot receive email with the new Cloudflare name servers until the following is corrected:

DNS settings for Homestead email.

Host yourdomain Points to

mx yourdomain
mx yourdomain
mx yourdomain
pop yourdomain
imap yourdomain
smtp yourdomain
mail yourdomain
webmail yourdomain
email yourdomain

Host Type Points to Priority

@ mx.yourdomain 10

TXT Record

Host Type Value

@ v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: ?all

This threath is about " get the Authentication Token to mail associated with this account" - is about ACCES the Cloudflare ACCOUNT, NOT about the mail server, stmp, mx,…

I can not get the Authentication Token to mail associated with my account. Domain

То же самое для меня, я создал другую учетную запись Cloudflare, чтобы получить доступ к этому сообществу. Моя почта отправляется с mail.ru, и я верю, что только электронные письма из-ответа - Cloudflare.com заблокированы, потому что я переписываю все остальные письма.

Please tell Cloudflare Support about this by emailing to: support AT Cloudflare DOT com. Send the mail from an account you know you can send and receive emails and cc the email account you used to sign up for Cloudflare, the support team will help.

все равно проблема не решена ((((

pozhalusta solve the problem for 2 3 days as I can not log into my account disable token vopshe so that people could go in respect podderzhke otvete retete hot on one pismo all to be silent somebody does not answer

did not reply

помогите кто нибуть!!!

I really urgently need to go to my account, I ask you dobrie people help me?

I have already 3 4 days can not go to my account, I need it there all my siti dobrie people help please

I ask you help or assist? Kind people there I have to go and I do not go as I can not

I understand that - the problem is the name servers stopping your email

help what to do?