I can not disable ipv6

For my website to work, I need to disable ipv6, I did it through api, but the site is still available via ipv6

What do you mean you cant disable it? Did the API call not succeed? What response did you get? Can you post the domain in question?

Disabling IPv6 support disables automatic advertisement of an IPv6 address for A records. If you explicitly create a AAAA record for a host we’re still going to resolve it. If you don’t want an AAAA record for a host, don’t create it.

I use an ipv6 server because it costs less. I want to use Cloudflare as a gateway to ipv4 for clients.

Ok, I’m unclear what the problem you are having is. Why do you need to disable IPv6 for your website to work?

Fair enough, but same question, why do you need to disable IPv6 for that? Cloudflare offers IPv4 addresses anyhow.

Through ipv6 sending is a huge amount of spam through tor or very cheap ipv6 proxy, which are not affected by the filters ipqualityscore, dnsbl.info and others.
If I forbid sending messages via ipv6 completely, then honest users will suffer. If I disable dns AAAA recording, then everything will work through ipv4

Do I get this right, you want the connection between your server and Cloudflare to be IPv6 but everything else IPv4?

Yes it is.

Simple, you set up your AAAA records on Cloudflare and disable the IPv6 proxy addresses through the API.

Yes it is.

It is? So your setup is working the way you want it to?

No. Need disable Cloudflare AAAA record without remove ipv6 server addresses. My server ipv6 only.

such as here

I am not sure what you are trying to say. Just follow the steps I posted earlier.

I am from another country and do not know English.

That is what I addressed earlier. Disable IPv6 on Cloudflare’s side.

enabled and disabled again

In this case I’d open a support ticket. Disabling it should remove the IPv6 records.

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