I can not create two CNAME that I need for my domain (I)

I need to create two CNAME but I don’t have a way to do them since the two at the end have the extension of my domain and when I make them they disappear.
I should have this:
boletines.semanasantaenespana.com and point to semanasantaenespana.ipzmarketing.com

Hi @pachicarrillo,

So to add this, you should put the name as boletines and the target as semanasantaenespana.ipzmarketing.com. Your domain name won’t display on the end in the ‘name’ box, but it is there!

And the other one would be this one:
ipz._domainkey.semanasantaenespana.com and to point to dkim.ipzmarketing.com. (with the end point)
When I try to do it my domain disappears, in fact they are created but without the domain and therefore it doesn’t work.
I would also need to do the same but with the domain montemutiatravel.com
Thank you

If you need to add hostname xyz.example.com

You need to type xyz subdomain only instead xyz.example.com

The domain is implied… a record of “foo” in the zone example.com corresponds to foo.example.com.

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