I can not cancel my Cloudflare...despite the fact that I thought ? I deleted my 2

I can not delete my Cloudflare,despite the fact that I have deleted my 2 domains…unfortunately this has been a merry go around for 2 hours.Tried to phone (using the phonenumber given (I am London based) just been chucked out …not even a ring signal) Something is not right here.God nows what to do. Any ideas please???

What are you trying to do? Do you just want to remove Cloudflare features from being used on your domains? If so, you can use Cloudflare for DNS only by changing your “proxied” DNS records to “DNS only”.

If you want to remove Cloudflare completely you just need to change the nameservers at your registrar away from Cloudflare to another DNS provider (such as your registrar, your host or a third party).

You can delete the domains from Cloudflare, and if you want, delete your account, after that.

What are the domains?

Hi @josefinebergman2

I can see that you have managed to delete the domains. Do you also want to delete the account? Do you need help deleting the account?

Oh Yes please…I have cancelled Four procent as well…and waiting for a refund.Is it any more I can do to cancel Four procent and get a confirmation??? Love you guys ,but the honest trues is,I am not good enough, Again…You are ALL SUPER but I am not. Kindest Regards Dr, B,k Josefine Bergman

Before you can cancel your account in the Cloudflare Dashboard and delete your personal information, you will need to follow the process below for each domain associated with your Cloudflare account:
1. Cancel your subscriptions or add-on services
2. Remove your domain from Cloudflare
3. Remove Cloudflare nameservers at your domain registrar. If you are using a Cloudflare CNAME setup, update your DNS records at your DNS provider to point to your website IPs or hostnames instead of Cloudflare.
4. Download your invoices from the billing section in your Cloudflare Dashboard if you have any.
5. Delete payment information. Please keep in mind that you cannot remove payment information if you have active paid Cloudflare payment plans or subscriptions for Cloudflare plan extensions.

After following the prerequisites above you can delete your Account from the Profile page by clicking the Delete this User button.

Please note that Cloudflare will purge your personal information within a year of your deletion request unless we are required to retain it to fulfill our legal obligations (such as ongoing abuse investigations or pending litigation). Please refer to the Cloudflare Data Processing Addendum for further information about the deletion of personal information following the cancellation of your account.

For more details, please review this article: Canceling a Cloudflare account

Super …thank You…I think I have removed all, Regards Dr,B,K J

YES please it has prevented me and blocked many important tasks…How on earth do I ease it from my computer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Many thanks Dr BKJ

Yes please louise2 it is blocking so much…can you please just delete is asap. Thank louise 2 .All the Best …dr b.k josefine

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