I can no longer access my site

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, My site was linked to Quick Cloud CDN, but after I deleted my account there and went back to Cloudflare, I can no longer access my site.
Do you have a solution to this problem please
With Regards

More information is needed to help you. What is your domain name/website?
What is the error you get when you try to access your site?

You had a working site with Cloudflare, switched to quic cloud cdn (changing to their nameservers/dns), and then switched back? I would double check your Cloudflare configuration, DNS Records.

If you switched to Quic Cloud long enough ago, Cloudflare eventually deletes websites/zones which have changed their Nameservers.


This is my domain name

HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error

Do you have a solution to my problem

The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

smarttical.com? That domain isn’t using Cloudflare DNS at all, if that is your domain, that error is being returned by the origin server, which seems to be an IIS Server

That seems to be another IIS Error code, returned by your origin server (the web server running IIS), that you will have to debug.

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