I can get the srv records to work, why?

Ok so i pretty new to this cloudflare thing and can get the srv records to work and i wonder what i am doing wrong.

Here is my config:

Those are all standard DNS records, with no special changes by Cloudflare. As all records are :grey: DNS Only, those records will be published as standard records. Same as any other DNS provider would do.

What are you seeing that’s not working?

the srv record isnt working, so if i i write panel.xxx.xyz:8080 it works but not if i write panel.xxx.xyz

Are you trying set up SRV records to work with your browser? Because if so, then browsers don’t (and are technically prohibited) from using them.

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So i can’t create them? Or can’t I use them in a browser?

You can create SRV records without issue.

If you are expecting that you can have an SRV record to override the browsers default behaviour with regards to port 80/443, then you will be disappointed. Only specific user-agents and protocols use SRV records.

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