I can create a route for a URL to redirect a different servers?

Hello, Guys!

Is it possible to create this kind of route/dns and structure for my website?


mywebsite.com.br/blog/* → Redirect for Hostgator
mywebsite.com.br/compradores/* - Redirect for Hostgator
mywebsite.com.br/fornecedores/* - Redirect for Hostgator
mywebsite.com.br/* - Redirect for Azure Plataform
subdomain.mywebsite.com.br/* - Redirect for Azure Plataform

I want to do this to not lose my SEO and Google Campaigns, someone knows it’s possible?

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You can redirect from any URL to any other URL you want

Assuming what you call “different servers” are different websites on different servers and on different domains, then yes, you should be able to redirect as you intend.


Hii, Thanks for helping!

Is it possible to use a contain page URL rule to direct to an IP? Thinking about the DNS level so as not to affect the SEO ranking.


If the page contains:

mywebsite.com.br/blog/* → IP HostGator
mywebsite.com.br/compradores/* - IP Hostgator
mywebsite.com.br/fornecedores/* - IP HostGator
mywebsite.com.br/* - IP for AzurePlataform
subdomain.mywebsite.com.br/* - IP for AzurePlataform

Please see the following answer by @epic.network to a similar question.

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