I can add domain to cloudflare

Dear All

I want to add my domain “funki.hk” to Cloudflare to my dns server, but I can’t search it to add. any one can help me ? and I buy the domain alrady

Did you search for the error message you got?

Hmm… We couldn’t find any matching websites.

Nothing here Search results for 'not a registered domain' - Cloudflare Community?

I can’t find any post like me

Can you post a screenshot of what you get when you open that link?

That’s not a screenshot of that link.

Also, that’s not adding a domain, but searching your existing domains. You should really start with the link I provided.

Very good, I did not question that the domain was registered.

What about what I wrote?

Excellent, now proceed as I mentioned before.

how I can add this domain?

Well, what does the link say?

funki.hk is not registered domain

But I really registered already

That’s not the link.

Please read the entire thread once again, slowly and carefully.

your link have ton of post , and seems no one case like me

Ehm, the very first one already addresses your issue, does it not?

I follow Tutorial to add other domain also ok, only funki.hk not work.

All right, let me get the spoon out again :roll_eyes:

Apart from you having used the wrong text box, your issue is that your domain is not properly configured - DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool - and that’s explained precisely under the link I posted.

Before you add your site to Cloudflare, it needs to load fine on HTTPS. Once it does, you will be able to add it to Cloudflare. Talk to your host about that.