I buy new domain but it show already submit to cloudflare

Hlo sir i buy new domain hrking.in and i try to submit in my account but it show already submit. Now sir i don’t know who submit this here. Sir plz solve this error

Can you share the domain name here? Probably no worries, take the nameservers names we’ve assigned, have your registrar set those, the domain will verify and be active on cloudflare. The fact someone else added the zone won’t matter as long as you control the names of the nameservers.

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Hello Cloudflare My Domain (HRKING.IN) Already Registered By Someone So Plzzz Remove This Domain To Cloudflare Otherwise Add On My Account

You’ll have to open a Support ticket to get this resolved.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

@newmp3upload & @djfoolcom20, you both indicate you own the same domain, HRKING.IN. As @sdayman mentioned, only Support can sort this out.

If you contact Support, share your ticket number here and I’ll track it. Note that Support will only work the the registered account owner, so (one of) you may receive a message indicating you are not the zone owner.

If you’re unable to contact Support via the email associated with the account that owns the domain, your only option would be to add the zone to a new account and change the nameservers. That will demonstrate that you own and control the domain.

As you interact with Support, please reply to every email you receive that says it’s an automated response and indicate you’re still having an issue.

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