I buy apo, but not woking untill now!

i buy Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress services

on domian: kettaba.com, but apo not wokign until now,

i test request header on uptrends tool to check and not working also !

I’ve just visited the site and the headers tell me that it is working

Note the header cf-edge-cache

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thanks for replay,

but in my browser i,m not found any header for Cloudflare , and website still slow
any help ?

Though your domain is using Cloudflare, it seems you’ve set it to DNS Only (:grey:). Your DNS A record is not pointing to Cloudflare. Your domain needs to be proxied by Cloudflare (:orange:) for APO (and any other Cloudflare feature) to work.

The cf-edge-cache header only shows that the Cloudflare WordPress plugin is being used. When APO is active, there are 3 headers returned from the server:

i will change dns only to proxied,

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