I bought pro plan using PayPal and after taking money, I still see free plan

I bought the Pro Plan using my PayPal, the process took the amount from my account Bank ($240), and when I view my dashboard I still see free Plan, I called my bank and they told me that the amount is sent to Cloudflare , please advice

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Did the plan change work for you @fiverbox.com?

I tried to change the plan to pro but it asked for another $240 and I confirmed again but did not pay with paypal, then the plan changed to pro but after a while it returned to free plan, I just want to know how Cloudflare deducted the amount from my paypal first time and my plan still free plan?

Hi there,

Would you be able to give me a ticket number to check in with the Billing Team on this?

Thank you and apologies for the trouble.

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How I get the ticket no?
And as in second post Valter told me to follow the problem, I sent to him but he is gone and didn’t reply
Now I am stuck and I need to enable many features and I lost 2 days for now, the process to solve my problem is very slow

No. : #2760974

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It looks like the pro upgrade wen through @fiverbox.com, can you confirm? Sorry for the delay.

yes through @fiverbox.com , but I bought again the pro plan using my credit card, and my case still exist and my money must be refunded back to PayPal.

The bank call me that the money has been deducted , and PayPal sent the money to Cloudflare, and Cloudflare did not change my free plan to pro plan, and I am forced to buy again the pro plan with my credit card until Cloudflare team solve my case.

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Thank you, sorry for the trouble you faced with this. I am cc’d on your ticket and will keep an eye out on progress.

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Until now my case did not resolved and 3 days lost for just 1 billing process, I suggest for Cloudflare to bring outsource team to solve my case

Cloudflare refunded the money back to PayPal

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