I bought a domain but the DNS SRVs are not propagated

I purchased a domain but the DNS SRVs are not propagated.
So a minecraft server that I have mounted on my server cannot be accessed.

The DNS A do show that they are propagated, but the SRVs are not.

What is the domain? Make sure you’ve followed the steps in this tutorial:

I have followed the tutorial but the dns srv does not propagate

What is your domain name?

it’s oasiscraftmc com
with the subdomain mc.oasiscraftmc com
But it does not work, in pages it tells me that they are dns srv has not propagated, I have followed the dns and minecraft tutorial, but it does not work

It does look like the DNS record is not there. Could you please send a screenshot of the SRV record in the dashboard?

so i have it

That is not the right name for the SRV record. You want to look up _minecraft._tcp.mc.oasiscraftmc.com. The only problem I see with that record is that you are pointing it to a :orange: Proxied hostname. You can tell because Cloudflare is returning a synthesized hostname that begins with _dc-srv. While that hostname does resolve to your origin sever IP, it is usually better to create a dedicated name to use that you can set to :grey: DNS Only.


I used it according to the tutorial, if I remove it so that it does not go through the Cloudflare proxy, it does not work either.
I’m going to remove it so it doesn’t go through the proxy

This is how it comes in the tutorial that should work

It is what happens to me but with the difference that it does not work in any way…
it’s a disappointment

What exactly are you trying to achieve with that SRV record?
You only need an SRV record if you are using the same domain to point to another IP or if your MC Server runs on a port other than 25565.

You are using port 25565 and the SRV record points to mc.oasiscraftmc.com, so there is really no sense in having an SRV record at all. All you need to do is have your A record point at the correct (unproxied) IP address.


Hi, I’m trying to access my server through the domain and have it redirected to the default minecraft port. if I put the public IP and the minecraft port the server works, but with the domain it doesn’t work

I have 2 srvs to the same server, one to access the server and the other a Minecraft management console, but neither of the 2 work, the srv does not propagate

Your SRVs propagate just fine.
Also, trying to connect to your server on mc.oasiscraftmc.com works just fine (I get a “not allowlisted” error).

Do you want people to be able to connect to oasiscraftmc.com instead of mc.oasiscraftmc.com? In that case, you need to use “@” as your name instead of “mc”.

lol. CF automatically changed whi te listed into allowlisted. It’s really not my fault this is the error massage in Minecraft ~.~

The srv are not propagating, you can check it on any page to check the propagation.

They can be seen in the previous screenshots.

If I enter directly with the ip address of the server plus the port, it enters without problem, but using the domain does not work.

The person can only connect using the IP and port, using the domain in any of the ways you say, something is happening that doesn’t work.

Your SRV record is propagated. If you are looking for the name in your earlier screenshot, that is not the name of the SRV record. You need to look up _minecraft._tcp.mc.oasiscraftmc.com. Based on the hostname being returned starting with _dc-srv, you are still using a :orange: Proxied hostname, which does not allow Minecraft connections. This explains why you can only connect by IP.


As you can see, your server is available. If the DNS configuration was faulty, I would not be able to see your server. To play on it, you need to change absolutely nothing. If I was on the allowlist, I could play on it.

What exactly is it that you think needs fixing?