I bought a dedicated SSL certificated - but not working

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I tried to activate a dedicated SSL certificate for my main domain (www.keydstars.com.br), but is not working.

I have little knowledge on the field, so no idea if this is misconfiguration (probably is)/

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Tried to access to test, but blocked as a phishing domain by my zero trust solution. What error are you seeing?

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Hello @cscharff,

This is pretty much what says. Once I access the website says is not secure and potential pishing.

Its a wordpress website hosted at namecheap (easywp.com).

I’ve no idea what to do.

Interesting. I am not seeing any problems when I visit shop.keydstars.com.br or www.shop.keydstars.com.br

I wind up at an online storefront that appears to be offering some type of athletic wear in purple.

www.keydstars.com.br is not proxied :grey: and giving an SSL Cert error (because the cert is valid for your CNAME target, not the requested hostname, which Cloudflare will accept but browsers don’t). If that’s the website you are talking about, enable proxy :orange: for it within the DNS Records Panel.


I just changed the CNAME record to proxy, however still not showing up my certificate (at www.keydstars.com.br).

What else could be?

You enabled proxy for the www subdomain? Even querying the authoritive nameserver it’s still an unproxied CNAME for me
;www.keydstars.com.br. IN A

www.keydstars.com.br. 300 IN CNAME ingress-daribow.easywp.com.

Generally DNS cache will take a bit as well


I just added “proxy” to all as shown bellow

Still not working and website is broken now haha

What’s broken about it, or what’s more broken about it now then before?
For me it loads this:

If you’re still getting the same cert. error, it’s most likely just DNS Cache.

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@Chaika i think is working now! Thanks for the big help!

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That’s the primary issue. You need to fix this first and talk to your host. Pause Cloudflare for that.