I believe when we set our server IP address for mail, then how it helps DNS setting for website

What is the use of DNS if the mail setting we need to switch off, people can still see our ip address and send malicious code. Please refer to your setting Email Troubleshooting where we need to write IP address for mail servers and switch off DNS setting

That’s correct. And that’s one more reason to never host email on the same server as your website.


Thank you, but shared hosting has limited option, we need to keep our cost minimum until websites has results. i dont know if I use forwarding option email of Cloudflare to gmail addresses and then in sending options i use my server entries in gmail, if that helps or people will not able to see our IP address.

@sdayman so if i use email routing, i cannot send email from the same domain as i tried to use server name but gmail reported as phishing. So dont know what is the solution

Email routing afaik is used to either receive and resend messages to another email address, or drop them.

The best solution, in general, is to use an external IMAP/SMTP server. You could go with paid ones (which are very cheap in general), or even free ones (*cough* MS Teams Exploratory *cough*).

Hope it helps!

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Thank you @Lumito
I already have hosting so if I am using the same IP address, then Cloudflare is of no use as it will publish my IP address of mail server.

So if i take external SMTP the problem is the domain MX is locked with Cloudflare so even in that case i cannot send email from the same domain. I have to use another domain. So any other solution?

Can someone answer me that if i use routing email of Cloudflare how i can set SMTP email from the same domain as MX is locked with Cloudflare.

@sdayman @Lumito

SMTP will just require you to add your SMTP domain to the SPF TXT record, and maybe create records for DMARC and DKIM (your SMTP provider will specify that information). MX records are for email receiving.

my isp provider ask me to copy domain key text in dns setting in Cloudflare which i did, waiting for DNS propagation to check if it works.

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So no solution to stop exposing my hosting IP address as when I create SPF record for sending email it will be on public domain. So connecting my website through Cloudflare will not help as IP address my host will remain in public domain.

@Lumito @sdayman

Looks like a cPanel to me :thinking:

I’d keep separated web and e-mail services on different hosts as written under the Best practices for MX records on Cloudflare at the link below:

Otherwise, you could pay for Cloudflare Spectrum service, which might also cost you for TCP/UDP ports (multiple) and upgrading your plan to a paid one. However, for MTA service, it would require some changes at your hosting provider which is unfortunately unlikely to happen just for your case, except if you’re not a customer who’s paying a lot of :moneybag: to them for the service they provide to you.

I believe it will help your website and visitors get the the best possible experience while surfing your website :slight_smile:
It’s on the hosting provider’s back to protect it’s servers at the datacenter from DDoS and so on if that’s a concern from you. Because, even not all clients aren’t using Cloudflare, therefore a lot of stuff is exposed out.

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