I believe Cloudflare is blocking admin page of Umbraco


Discovered between 9/10 - 9/11 we noticed the Umbraco admin page giving us a white screen instead of the login page. Numerous angular and javascript errors appearing. The website works fine local and localhost so something is going on with Cloudflare.

I’ve tried turning off JS, HTML, and CSS in AutoMinify. Tried DNS Only for domain and www. Tried Rules Page from following these steps…
Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I think I’ve tried both mysite.com/umbraco and mysite.com/umbraco/. Do I need to do anything in the Firewall page? I’m stumped

Is it still happening?

Sounds like it may have been an early occurrence of

Its still happening. We’re at 7 days now

Can you purge cache and see if you still encounter the issue?

I’ve purged cache alot the past couple days and more today. Does that Cloudflare status mean its still being investigated or is it stating its resolved?

I don’t know if those .js files are publicly available, but I’d try something like:
curl example.com/umbraco/js/angular-touch.js

Just to see if the full file is there. But that’s sure a long list of unique JS files that are all not working.

I was told by my developers it has nothing to do with code. That’s not even all of the errors I get when I go on the page. I have atleast two more screen shots

Clearly, it does, as evidenced by the console log.

This is something that has been working for a couple years. Works on localhost and locally. This started happening last week with no code change or changes in Cloudflare. I can pass what you said on to them.

The Status that cloonan pointed to was an issue where a glitch was causing files to be truncated. That’s why I asked you to try curl so you could inspect the files.

We figured it out! Hopefully this helps those with the same issue.

It was in the DNS. DNS is rarely touched. The A and CNAME records were rerouting to Amazon Services via pxys.ezoic.net for some reason. Once corrected the admin site began working.

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