I am using subdomain for my website and it's not stable

Hi there,
Firstly, I used Cloudflare on a static website to boost the performance and the page speed and it works perfectly.
Now, I have a larger eCommerce website that uses the subdomain mainly and the main domain is disabled. When I tried to setup Cloudflare DNS the main domain start working and the subdomain is not working!! after I add the subdomain as a CANME in the DNS sitting both main and sub start to work!! in this point I decided to return to my old NS to keep everything running.

I am using Wordpress and WooCommerce and the website is getting slower by time. After the service activated as I mentioned above the performance didn’t change at all and sometimes it becomes not available !! is there a limitation for Woocommerce and how can I use it properly

Can you post a screenshot of the DNS records you set up to try and get the subdomain working?

You should check with your host what the record should be.

right now Cloudflare is paused

I take it the subdomain you want to create is dr?

If you do, try deleting the CNAME and creating an A record for dr pointing to the same IP as the root domain.

If not, check with your host. That would be my best guess though!

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Thank you,

do you mean creating another A record in Cloudflare DNS? but what about the main domain in the current sitting it will keep working and pointing to the same IP ??

I have just done a lookup on the domain. You should delete the CNAME and create an A record for dr pointing to

Yes, create another A record in Cloudflare DNS. Leave the main domain as it is.


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