I am using Frase Answer Assistant and getting DDOS protection Notices

I am using what Frase.io calls and Answer Assistant. It is like a chat bot and it crawls your website and then helps to provide users answers. But Cloudflare is blocking these inquiries as DDOS. How can I whitelist this app or change settings to allow?


That’s the JS Challenge. Do you see any activity in the Firewall Event Log at dash.cloudlfare.com?

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Yes I do see it now. I was looking in the wrong place. Looks like it has triggered the “Bot Fight Mode”. I tried to whitelist the IP but it still is blocking it. Is there another option other than turning off Bot Fight Mode to allow this app to access my site?

@sdayman thanks for your help! I think I have got it sorted now. I turned off the Bot Fight Mode but also I added a new firewall rule to allow the IP and that seems to be working. Will test it now with the Bot Fight Mode active and see if it it still works. I appreciate your help in getting to the right settings!


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