I am using Cloudflare but my domain name directs to Godaddy

I have bought a domain name a while ago. Then transferred to the Cloudflare Registrar. All A, CNAME records are on Cloudflare and correct.
After some weeks, I decided to remove my old Godaddy account. So I removed my billings first. Now when I typed the address in the address bar, I see a GoDaddy message, not my own site, which is actually a static page on Github.
I have transferred the domain. The configuration is correct. I paid the bill. Then how come GoDaddy can redirect my domain name to its own? If Cloudflare hasn’t got the DNS record all the time, then why do I pay for it?

Let’s check this, can you provide the domain name? We in the community aren’t able to see customer’s accounts.

Of course. It’s zaferbalkan.com

It was a theoretical question, since it’s a community portal. I didn’t give detailed information about it.

This domain isn’t under Cloudflare, not the name servers, not the actual domain registration.

Il points to ns33.domaincontrol.com and ns34.domaincontrol.com.

The site is added to Cloudflare, but since you didn’t change the name servers at the registrar (GoDaddy) they never had the ability to proxy it. This also tells me that you couldn’t have possibly switched the Registrar to Cloudflare.

PS: I would recommend not sharing the actual IPs here if not needed. Delete the screenshot, I could see that you added the domain to Cloudflare (without completing the procedure) without that.

Oh, then I have to work with Godaddy again.

Yep, add the name servers provided (hope.ns.Cloudflare.com and mark.ns.Cloudflare.com) at GoDaddy. Once it’s active you can then transfer the domain over to Cloudflare’s registrar almost immediately (pending the 5 days required by ICANN, if GoDaddy doesn’t allow a way to skip them).

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Time doesn’t matter. Thank you.

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Hi @matteo . I managed to recover my DNS records. As you can see GoDaddy says they are not managing the DNS records, which I have configured on Cloudflare. And name servers are set to Cloudflare name servers also. This was the status before I delete and it came back after recovery. I believe the configuration is true. What is the point I might be missing here?

They are now changed. I guess removing the billing or something made them switch to default.

Now, in the Cloudflare dashboard, when the domain is selected and the home/overview page is open (the one with a summary of analytics), is everything fine, no errors?

For me Cloudflare is resolving the domain.

On my Cloudflare account I see the lines below:

Registrar: GoDaddy.com

Expires: Dec 27, 2020

And that’s fine. Go to the home of the account (on the top left, near the name of the domain), go on the domain registration tab and then initiate the transfer (if you want, obviously) to the Cloudflare Registrar.

It needs to be older than 60 days. And I guess it’s reset after recovery. I need to wait for two months. Thank you @matteo

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Yeah, ICANN imposes those limits. Didn’t expect you needing to wait. No issues though.

Have a great day!

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I am having an identical issue. Transferred the domain to Cloudflare on 2/10, but the nameservers are still what the registrar changed them to.

Domain - webmdt.com

I’m unable to submit this from my actual primary domain, as I can’t register on the COMMUNITY forum without “confirming” my account via email … and the domain in question is also my email.