I am under attack and I need help

Hello, I am under attack and my site has stopped or if it opens very slow and I find millions of requests and many countries are not among the traffic and I tried to ban these countries but nothing works
What do I do if I buy a plan will this help stop the attack
I do anything but my site is working again

It looks like you’ve already activated Under Attack Mode. Has that helped?

Here’s more:

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I signed up for a premium plan but it’s no use nothing works until my site gets banned that’s funny
I only blocked the sites from which a lot of requests are coming, everything was blocked even the country I’m in What is this crazy

I want to know how to contact support
No support here or what

I’ll pretend that didn’t hurt my feelings. I replied to your message 7 minutes after you posted.

I get you’re in a hurry, but unless you’re on a Business or Enterprise Plan, there’s no “instant support.”

If you click on that Germany block message, it should show you which setting blocked access.

Can you post more of that firewall rule for your country list? It’s actually much easier to use an “Is (not) In” rule for lists like that.


Sir, the problem is not in buying a plan or something, the problem is I did everything and I did not find any solution, I am just shocked by this
And I did not ban Germany, the country I am in, but I see that Germany is banned and I cannot access the site
You saw the pictures I did everything about protection I’m not in a rush like you say but I’m just shocked I did everything and no progress just made

Why is there no response?

Damn this no one helps me here I bought a plan three times and I want my money I will run away from this failed site

Damn this, the country I’m in is banned and I can’t access the site

Failed site give me back my money again I bought 3 times the pro plan by mistake and I want my money back
My site has been closed for this attack and I did everything to protect my site to no avail. Failed Failed Failed Failed Failed
I can’t even access my site I’m also banned what the ■■■■ is that

If you are not a tech person, I strongly suggest that you hire an account manager or a system administrator to handle something this simple for you. Being this greedy and entitled towards the community is only damaging your website, we couldn’t care less whether if you paid Cloudflare or not, please either be more specific or get a better plan to get actual help from Cloudflare.


The Firewall Rule you look to have created appears to show that you have given access to all other countries and blocked your own.

Would need to see the full Firewall Rule to be sure though.

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I didn’t do this until I deleted everything and my site is still banned because of this even the support doesn’t reply even the billing support also doesn’t reply the curse on this
Failed site, I will go to another site to protect me from attacks

Now after I deleted everything the site worked, but the attack has been going on for a week, even I changed the account to another account without interest
Now after I deleted everything the site worked, but the attack has been going on for a week, even I changed the account to another account without interest
Even I made a mistake and bought twice the pro plan by mistake and sent to support and no one answers the problem here

@danysamyamin I understand you are pissed off, but ranting about Cloudflare ain’t going to fix the problem!

Allow your IP adress to bypass the firewall rules

Allow it in your firewall rules (allow or bypass)

Again, Contacting Cloudflare Support – Cloudflare Help Center

hmm, I see a lot of activity on that site and see movement between accounts, but at no time do I show that the site was on a paid plan in this account nor any others. Also, the site is not currently active in the account you are using here. Was the purchase done through a different account? If so, can you reply to this thread from that account and I will find out the details.

umm, again, I do not show that the site is banned nor was ever banned. Why do you think the site is banned? And, banned from what/whom? Can you share a screen shot of what you’re seeing?

Sounds like that is the case, can you share the firewall rule you’ve set up?