I am unable to visit any website by using cloudflare zero trust!

Hello, I started using Cloudflare Zero Trust from tomorrow. I connected it through WARP android client. Now, whenever i visit any website, Chrome says that error cert authority invalid. And the main thing is that the cert authority is Gateway Intermediate ECC Certificate Authority. Please help me resolving the problem.

Do you have the proxy setting enabled in your Zero Trust dashboard?

If so, you will need to install the Cloudflare root certificate to any device using your Zero Trust org, otherwise you will see a broken cert. For more info:

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I am using Cloudflare Zero Trust. I installed cert for my laptop but when I browse Cloudflare.com or Google profile, it shows error.
When I set the toggle off, everything returns to normal. Can you help me?

In phone, I can view the web when turn on CF Zero Trust
The web appearance is OK.

On Laptop, it shows weird.

I added cert already.