I am unable to renew this domain

"Billing Dash Ticket - I am unable to renew this domain"

Unable to renew Domain: Ticket number: ticket number 2343742

Can anyone help, why Indian credit cards and Paypal not working with Cloudflare,
I need a solution as soon as possible, I am trying since one week.

Hi @GaddiPrashanth,

I know there are some issues with recurring payments in India, but I believe you should be able to pay manually to renew it.

I’ve escalated your ticket to the support team.

Hi @GaddiPrashanth,
In order for our team to properly troubleshoot your issue, can you please reply to the ticket with the error that you are seeing.

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Iam getting this error, i have tried with many credit cards, nothing working, in ticket mentioned to post in community and closed ticket. you can check details

We were unable to process your payment. To keep your domain registration, update your payment method.

I have updated the ticket with what I am seeing occurring with your payment updates for our team and escalated the ticket to our SR Billing specialist.


I am also facing same issue… I cant renew/transfer new domains. I am getting payment failure error. Need urgent help. Ticket ID: 2491017. FYI: I am from India.

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