I am unable to login to my dashboard

After changing my site’s servers to those of Cloudflare, I am unable to login into my WordPress dashboard. Please help. My site is roomyoulove(dot)com.

If you disable the Cloudflare cache by setting it from :orange: to :grey: , are you able to log in?

I’ll just try t do i and get back

Sorry! I can’t find the option. Where to?

On the DNS settings page.

I just did it and I am still not able to login to my dashboard and the site isn’t loading
DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN’ this is the error it is showing

Do you even have any DNS records set up for your website?

I am not sure about that, actually.

All I can see under the DNS management in my Cloudflare account is cpanel, webmail and www with other details like their type, content, proxy status and TTL.