I am unable to install the cloudflare SSL!

I am unable to issue an cloudflare SSL certificate to my domain, I think by default my domain’s certificate is issued by Let’s encrypt, May you please help! I did also try to install one via “Client Certificates” section within my dashboard but no difference, I waited thinking perhaps changes are currently taking place but nah, Still the following day nothing really happened :pensive: Please help!!

If you already have a valid Let’s Encrypt certificate on your Origin, then you don’t need to do anything else, other than setting your SSL Mode to Full (Strict). Cloudflare will secure the connection to the client using the certificate they manage, and will secure the connection back to your Origin using the LE cert you manage.

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My Let’s Encrypt certificate is valid, When i switch to “Full Strict” my site returns an Error 526 stating that my SSl certificate is not valid. But when i switch back to “Full” Everything just works normal. It is not possible to use the certificate issued by Cloudflare ??

OK. A LE cert on your origin is the perfect solution, provided it matches the public facing hostname(s). That error indicates that the LE cert is not valid, either is has not being renewed, or it does not include the public facing hostname (perhaps it has www.example.com, but not example.com for example).

If you want to use a Cloudflare issued Origin certificate, then you should follow this document: