I am unable to add the new TLD domain.au

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What is the domain name?
[domain name].au

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[domain name].au is not a registered domain.

Describe the issue you are having:
This domain is registered. Cloudflare does not seem to recognise the new .au TLD. Is that correct? Are there plans to include them / when?

What error message or number are you receiving?
This domain is registered.

I see you included the link in your message. Did you click on it?

Yes I did and no flags but I just tested another .au domain currently hosting a live website and it worked, so I’ll speak to my registrar, something must be a miss there.

Thanks, Erin.

Just keep in mind that the easiest way to be sure you can add a domain to Cloudflare is to currently have a working site at that domain.

I guess but I’ve never had this issue before with a non-active website and I had also added [thesamedomain].co.uk (purchased from the registrar at the same time) to Cloudflare with no issues. Anyway, I’ll follow up with the registrar and see if there’s something special happening with this one.

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