I am unable to access my website and admin dashboard on my home network, however I can access it using other network connections

I cannot access my Admin Dashboard for my website on my network. However, when I switch the network to other networks, it works fine. Only one of my website is not accessible on my network, my other Cloudflare hosted sites work fine.

Only after changing my DNS from my local ISP to the Google DNS I can access my website and admin dashboard.

Please help.


Sounds like your local ISP may have old or incorrect cached values. If changing your DNS has resolved the issue that definitely points to them. You might contact your ISP to see if thye can flush their cache for your zone

Thanks for the quick reply. The local technician visited my house today, they could not find any issue. Can I flush my DNS on my computer? Will this solve the issue?

Switching to Google’s DNS fixed the issue right? If your local ISP still has a bad value cached on their end their clearing of the cache or the record expiring with be the way to fix their incorrect cached value.

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