I am unable to access my server: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

On February 5th, I purchased a domain on Cloudflare, but I was unaware that email verification was required. I only purchased the domain, deployed DDNS, and started enjoying my server. I did not pay attention to my email for the past few days until today when I discovered that I couldn’t log into my server. Upon troubleshooting, I found that the DNS service was experiencing issues, and that’s when I found the verification email in my inbox. I suspect that my problem is related to my account being restricted.

I have tried the following:

  1. Connecting directly to my server using the IP address, it worked.
  2. Using some DNS checker website to query the DNS records of my domain, but there were no results.
  3. Searching the web for similar issues, but the causes of this problem seem to vary, and many cases do not provide useful references.
  4. Sending an email to [email protected].

I would like to know if my issue is due to account restrictions. If it is, can I have the restrictions lifted by emailing [email protected]? How long does it usually take to receive a response within working days?

Here is a excerpt from the verification email:


As a security check against possible payment fraud, Cloudflare will need additional details before we can proceed with the purchase of, or upgrade to a paid level plan.

Cloudflare uses Stripe as our third-party verification vendor. Please click on the following Stripe link to provide your information. PLEASE NOTE this link is only valid for 24 hours and should be utilized in one sitting.

Please respond within 24 hours using the link provided. If we do not receive a response to our verification attempt within the next 24 hours, we will cancel any recent domain registrations and downgrade any paid services.


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I’m so sorry, but this is my private domain, so I don’t want to give it away (but I can provide other configuration information)
You can say some test scenarios or your conjectures, which would also be very helpful to solve my problem

Without the domain, no-one here can look.

If you think it is a payment issue then you can raise a billing ticket here…


Well, thanks for the suggestion, here’s my domain: techneetmary.com
Here are my DNS records:

Type Name Proxy status TTL
A * DNS only Auto
A @ DNS only Auto

The domain appears not to be registered, probably because of the payment issue in the email. You will need to raise a ticket if you haven’t already (not sure if billing or registrar ticket is best in this case, someone else may advise).

No match for domain "TECHNEETMARY.COM".
>>> Last update of whois database: 2024-02-14T09:49:24Z <<<

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