I am trying to use cloudflare with my IP but it doesnt work when proxied

Hello, I have had this problem for a while now. I get error 522(Connection Timeout) on my website when I proxy the IP through Cloudflare, but it works fine when not.

That error means Cloudflare could not reach your server, which typically is because of a firewall on your server.

What’s the domain?

my domain is skyridgehost[.]com

Is your server IP address X.X.X.223?

Yes it is.

In that case, the issue is that your server is not properly configured. You get the same error message when you pause and try to load your site on HTTPS, only HTTP works.

You need to contact your host and get them to configure the server with a proper SSL certificate. Then it will also work on Cloudflare.

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The server has an SSL certificate on it.

That might be, but it does not respond on HTTPS, which is why Cloudflare cannot reach it.

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Okay, thank you for the response it helped me understand why this issue is occuring.

Pleasure :slight_smile:

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