I am trying to switch my CNAME to Systeme.IO

I was using Cloudflare as my host and am pretty sure it is where I purchased the domain and am trying to transfer to Google and tried changing the CNAME records to match Systeme IO and I am unsure what to do.

I also got the following message from Google Workspace.

Per our records, your domain registration subscription for the domain michael s miller consulting . com has been suspended because of payment reasons. This domain will not renew on October 8, 2022 until the payment information is updated and auto-renew is set to ON.

If you do not update your payment information and enable auto-renew, your domain name registration will expire, your Domain Registration account will no longer be associated with your domain name and you may lose all data associated with your Domain Registration account.


The Google Workspace Team

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @michaelsmillerconsul it looks like google is the registrar of that domain.

And, if you login to dash.cloudflare.com you’ll notice you deleted the zone from Cloudflare. Google should be the one stop shop to renew the domain and ask them to revert nameservers to their default.

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