I am trying to reply but Cloudflare won't let me reply after 23 messages. Need SSL fixed

I just created a topic and for whatever reason, Cloudflare won’t allow me to respond. I am almost finished. Why would they do this? OK this is my thread Where do I add new IP address? - #24 by user4358 I just need to know how to update my SSL with Cloudflare. The person said I haven’t had a SSL since 202 which is not true. I’ve had a SSL with Cloudflare. How can I update it?

What’s your SSL mode set to? The certificate on your server has been expired since 2020 so if it was working previously it’s probably because you were using a less-secure SSL mode. If you want proper security you need to fix the certificate on your server first, then flip the SSL mode to Full/Strict, then unpause Cloudflare.

Check “Overview” under SSL/TLS

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Replying to last thread: When you say “fix it on my server,” where do I do that? On GoDaddy? I see the change to Full/Strict. Should I change that now?

Not sure what’s going on with the threads, kinda annoying but whatever

So here’s the situation… for the past 2 years the traffic leg between Cloudflare and your GoDaddy server has been “secured” with an expired certificate, which from a security perspective is not good. It only appeared to be working normally because you didn’t have it set to Full/Strict.

Right now you have Cloudflare paused so your site is inaccessible over HTTPS (at least without clicking through a bunch of warnings) because browsers don’t want to trust an expired certificate.

If you want proper security you need to get GoDaddy to fix the certificate, then flip to Full/Strict and unpause.

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I suspect if the 23 message part is accurate, it’s a rate limit. Annoying, yes, but there to ensure everyone visiting has a chance to see their posts seen

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