I am trying to enable dkim for my Proton Mail Server

I was instructed by my Proton Mail Server to add on three CNAMEs with specific names and targets. I have done this carefully copying and pasting their instructions. And have incessantly come up with Error Messages - latest one is Authentication Code # 10000.

Please help and advise …

Could you share their instructions, your domain and a screenshot of the DNS records that you created?


Here are their instructions:

Thank you for your response.

Can you please refer to the following screenshot and article and make sure that it is being followed precisely?

  1. In this field please add only < protonmail._domainkey > for the 1st CNAME record. After creating repeat the same for the 2nd and 3rd records with their respective names (protonmail2._domainkey and protonmail3._domainkey).
  2. Add only the values shown in our previous reply under “Points to” (for the 1st CNAME record add protonmail.domainkey.d4g3lnhokaskjnb77pkbjipaugqsxd6iwtn77ifuutjcd6zr2szpa.domains.proton.ch.) Without the (/) seen in your example
  3. Create the record with Proxy status set to: DNS Only

Once the changes are made, can you please send us a screenshot of each field and it’s content so that we may compare, as well as any screenshot errors received?

Thank you for your patience, we are looking forward to your response.

Kind regards,

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Hi @williamjliv sorry for the issues. I am not sure if you were having issues sharing the information, if you were, I adjusted your account settings so you can share a link or image.

(curious, where are you seeing the 10000 error?)

This is a screen shot of my attempted new DNS record in accordance with my email provider’s instructions …

When I click “Save” I get the following error message:

And my DNS record page now shows the additional couple of lines in block lettering …

And the 10000 Code Error just appeared as I was writing the Name and Target …

And to those of you who are writing and trying to help me - I am enormously grateful. I have absolutely no idea here what I’m doing with this. So all your assistance is hugely welcome. Thank you.

And, sorry for all these messages. My domain is https://williamlivingstone.com

The CNAME target can’t include http://, you need to remove that. (Probably what you have copied and pasted something got converted to a link)


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