I am trying to cancel a subscription but the account owner is no longer with my company

I have submitted 3 tickets to support and still cant get a human to respond to me and help me to cancel the account. The account owner is no longer with the company since Oct 2021. We no longer need this service and are cancelling the credit card as well. I need to stop all payments. PLease someone offer some support to get this cancelled.

Please post the ticket numbers so that this post attract the right eyeballs.

And please do not open more tickets, as this slows the process.

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tickets are 2700682, 2700743 and 2701557

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Hi @jackie.kramers the team will communicate with you on 2701557, there is no need to open another ticket nor multiple tickets. Do you have access to the email of the person that left the company and if so, can you reply on ticket 2701557 from that email?


Hello I DO NOT have access to the previous owners email account as he left in OCT 2021.


OK, the team will need to work with you on the open ticket for next steps.


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