I am trying to add a DNS record type cloudflare-verify.mydoamin.cd in TXT

I am trying to add a DNS record type TXT when I enter Cloudflare-verify.mydoamin.cd in TXT name and Isave it mydoamin.cd is getting removed

Do not open multiple support tickets, it distracts the agents, wastes their time, and it slows reply time for you @riba.maneno and everyone else that you are trying to push in front of.

I see an agent is active on 2550925. While you wait for a reply, can you try again using incognito mode? What issues are you encountering with the site aside from the issues with adding the record? It appears live to me and there was some mention of wanting to launch it.

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This is normal behavior to save space in the dashboard. Just like the ‘www’ record, the rest of the domain gets cut off. If you export the DNS file, you’ll see it’s still there in full:

Or if you look it up by full TXT hostname, you’ll see it’s in DNSChecker.org.


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