I am thinking about upgrading to Pro Website plan but


I am thinking about upgrading my membership in Cloudflare to Pro Website plan, only because I want to use Image and Mobile Optimization feature, but I think it’s kind of expensive to pay $20 monthly to optimize my pictures, is it possible to buy the plan for only one month and optimize my images and then don’t continue to use it next month? Do you think it’s worth it? Right now I am exploring Cloudflare and I can tell that my website has become much faster. Additionally, I have signed up for Argo, but not sure if I feel any different in the speed with Argo, so I might just not pay for it next month.

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It only optimizes them per connection. As soon as you unsubscribe, they go back to whatever you have on your server. If it’s just image optimization you’re after, you’re better off batch-processing them on your server for free.


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