I am still receiving „Analytics Snapshot“ Emails on old E-Mail Address 2

I have already posted this: I am still receiving „Analytics Snapshot“ Emails on old E-Mail Address, but a moderator decided overnight that his answer was perfect and immediately „solved“ and closed my ticket. I unfortunately cannot edit anything or reply to the old ticket anymore. This is why I am reposting this.

Original Text:
I changed my Cloudflare e-mail address a couple of months ago.
I can only use the new e-mail address to log in, but for some reason I still receive e-mails like „ February 2024 Analytics Snapshot“ to my old e-mail address.
I can‘t find any setting to turn this off.
How can I either turn off these types of emails or at least change the e-mail address that receives them to the new one?

Moderator Answer:
The old email needs to be removed by the account owner. Support may be able to assist, but the account owner is able to do it much more quickly.

You can create an Account ticket and ask the team to assist, but again the account owner can help more quickly by removing the old emails. You can open an Account ticket here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support

My Reply:
I am the account owner and I only use Cloudflare for myself. Therefore I am also the only person in my team. How can I remove the old emails?


You can refer to the following in order to remove your old email address

Alright thanks!

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