I am reporting that a fake mining site scammed me out of $200,000

Dear Sir or Miss,

I am a victim of an internet scam, I was defrauded of nearly 200,000 USDT on the website eth-coin.vip, this website pretended to be an ETH mining website, I logged into it in COINBASE WALLET, (OPEN ONLY WITH A BROWSER IN COINBASE WALLET,) The hacker stole all the money in my wallet. I have reported this incident to the Thailand Cybercrime Bureau and www.ic3.gov. After the WHOIS query, I saw that the website eth-coin.vip is registered with www.godaddy.com. The registration place is HK.GODADDY company told me that the data service of this website is provided by your company.Can you give me any help or advice? Since I lost my life savings, I want to try my best to Found some information that will help to get my money back,

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your reply

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