I am receiving spam everyday and cannot trace where from?

Hi All,

My site has been receiving spam for about 4 months now and my host provider can not pin point where it is coming from. I was hoping by joining Cloud flare it might stop but it hasn’t.

I was originally using Google ReCaptcha v3 bit had nothing but problems. I build all my sites using Divi theme. I have gone back to using the standard Divi Captcha which has helped but not stopped the spam completely.

This is all very new to me but I have been reading ways to stop the spam at .php level.

Can someone help?

My site is https://Churchill-tax-advisers.co.uk

Many thanks in advance.


Contact Form spam is a common problem that Cloudflare can not magically fix. If you could trace where it’s coming from, you could zero in on a solution.

However, you can create a Firewall Rule that will either:

  1. Add a challenge or captcha to that URL
  2. Limit which countries can access that page.
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